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School Curriculum

Where does it fit into my schools curriculum?

Grade R

Early Learning

Our Robotixkids’ Gr R curriculum consists of Twenty-four lessons throughout the year, six lessons per term and an additional catch-up lesson.  In total seven weeks. 

Our lessons are presented once per week, 45-60 minutes per slot.  The last 10 minutes of a slot is used to give the learners a chance to try out, play and explore their model. 

The focus of Robotixkids is the introduction and capturing of Pattern Recognition, Problem solving, Algorithms, Coding, Robotic-, e-Communication- and Applications- Skills, which are the important tools, to help learners prepare for the big step into Primary School STEAMD education


Gr. 1 – 3


WeDo 2.0 Core Set

Spike Prime Core sets

What is the solution?

When you invest in LEGO Education RobotiX, you will receive a comprehensive unit plan for your school or centre.

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